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Bunny Page

I hope you are not eating right now.....

For this trick you will need:

1x Fresh roadkill
1x Sharp knife


Place knife tip in rectum....(the rabbit's rectum that is.)

Retch like a girl whilst Oz removes the innards.


Laugh like a bastard as he rips the skin off the body..

Check inside for bits.

and that's about it really.
With a bit of deft butchering by Oz,
 we had a good couple of joints of meat
 and some veg in the pot, bubbling away nicely.
It simmered and stewed all night - we were too preoccupied
to eat it at that time - and by morning it smelled

As we packed up in the morning,
Oz and Col were especially carefull with the pot,
it's precious contents looked forward to with anticipation.
Over hill and dale for half a mile we made it back to the car.
Rucksacks and bags were sorted, gear spread about, on the
bonnet, on the roof.............and the pot.

Half a mile down the road
 the precious pot of stew took a left hand bend
from the roof of the car at around 40mph.
Inevitibley, centrifugal force took over
and the pot must have travelled
a good 50 yards or so...