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Ways to Live 

1. Slowly
Sleep for a week.
Be at one with your bed
Nurture your dreams and ask for re-birth as a cat

2. Wisely
If young, try to see beyond youth and hormones
Remember the old rules that grown ups recited,
occasionally they were right !
Eat, sleep and work well, it all pays off
If older, don't be afraid to be
young at heart
Never let anyone tell you to act your age
See life as an experience
At twenty one, I knew it all
At (nearly) thirty, I'm still learning

3. Fast
Talk too much
fill your diary
Remember boring people with tidy lives
Don't be one

4. Balanced
Live a little, love a little
and learn a little each day
Maintain the ability to act as
counsellor to your friends
and enjoy symmetry to the point of

5. Tactfully
It is no sin to seek pleasure from others
nor to occasionally put yourself first
but don't tread on people
Remember how it fells to be hurt

6. Unbalanced
Lose it
Chemically abuse both mind and body
But don't die
carry a cushion
Read a book called
'Easy travel to other planets'
Don't forget your toothbrush
(like everywhere!)
Big eyes
Stay up to watch the dawn
Odd socks

7. Nicely
Listen to people
Help when you can
Stop interrupting
Smile at grandmas and coo at babies when shopping
Make the world believe you're nice
even when you don't feel it
and that's close enough for me.

8. Begin Building
Go everywhere
Do everything
Talk to people and take a piece
of them with you
We rarely realise how influenced we are by others
When genuinely interesting people cross your path
don't blink or they'll be gone
Talk to strangers, always smile
and never be afraid to say
' I'll miss you '

9. Take stock
Re-assess yourself
Ask the question, 'Is this really me?'
More to the point, 'Do I like it ?'
Listen carefully to your answer
Imagine the purpose for life
has been revealed to you
Look as though you have somewhere to go
Walk your world with attitude
'Believe in me - it's all I ask'