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I was the guy with the digital camera pestering folks for their picture to put up here. I had an intense 5 days up on the moor this year and saw some wonderful sunrises, met some fantastic people and slept very little.
Preferring the intimacy of the Nine Ladies to the crowds at Stonehenge (I went last year) I feel I made the right choice. This was my 6th Summer Solstice here and by far the best, thanks to the company of 3 top dudes - Jay, Oz and Col.

Quote of the week:
' Nice one, cheers mate !'

 Stonescape collage

 Stones sunrise (landscape)

Afternoon Stones          Andy Farmer - Peak National Park Ranger ( top dude)              Bender HQ

    Col, battered           Col sunrise

 Daz, Ruffit, Jack and Snake

Fire jugglers           Fuck off or i'll have ya

Getting wood          Jay, hammock          Jay with smoke demons

Jay, Cecelia and Cerowyn           John

 Landslip tree

Quarry workings           Looking out of my tent

Me, battered          Me tokin           Ninja boy aka Tim nice but dim

Ninjarunes           Notts dude #1

 Notts dude #2

Oz firedawn           Oz welcome

Protest markers          Raymond and George - top locals           My spiral

The shrine in Birchover           Water supply

 Sophie's mum

Top babe Sophie in tent           Top babe Sophie - cold out?

Sunrise #1          Sunrise #2           Sunrise #3


 Stones sunrise (portrait)


All of the above images were taken by me on a Fujifilm DX 10 digital camera which just happens to be for sale ( I'm upgrading )

£120 o.n.o.

Full specifications can be found at:

In support of the Anti Quarry Campaign