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I built a Tipi (teepee, wigwam, whatever..)

This is how I pictured it before it was constructed

this is what it looked like,

oh yeah, this is the quarry site at Bakewell.

Of course my Tipi may not look as good as it could have but hey, it's one thing to draw it on the p.c. but when it comes to spending hours and hours cutting and painting and sewing etc......well, you bloody try it.

Here's a couple of pics of its construction ...

early designs

I'm glad to report that the tipi
was built in time for the party weekend in September
A sort of smudge stick ritual was held on the
first night, we are pagans after all...
and after that, well the tipi
was used for many

I was
personally responsible
for the sex that took place in there,
for quite some time apparently................

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