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a few things we dislike on the moor.....

trekking poles
dog shit
lack of trips
townies who cut live wood
'dark' ritual practices
obnoxious sities who think they own the fucking place*

*That last point may ruffle a few feathers. I don't give a toss. Whilst the majority of the sities that I have met are sound bods with many agendas and travel from protest site to protest site to give support etc. occasionally we come across the patronising fucker who thinks he not only has the right to lecture all and sundry about the place but also to stamp some air of authority. This dichotomy ( look it up ) of behaviour  puzzles me, surely the whole ethos of following an alternative lifestyle is to stick two fingers up to authority, the state,  patronage etc.
You know who you are.
Anyone who has met me on the moor will know that I fully support the protest site and the majority of its inhabitants, I just can't stand egotistical pricks, that's all......